If you want to grow in life, you need to apply the law of consistency. Your level of expertise is determined by how consistent you are in what you do. Consistency is a continual practice or repetition of a particular principle to bring about a stagnant positive result in your […]

The master plan of a marriage is God’s priority for bringing up such marriage. Note that every marriage has God’s mandate (God’s intention) over it. Therefore, every set of lovers must be conscious of never living for themselves but for the master plan of God for their marriage. If you […]

Temptation comes in different ways for different reasons and purposes. Some are for the elevation of the saints while some temptations are used to destroy some Christians status before God by Satan. It is an aspect of life to be encountered by every living souls. Temptation is inevitable as long […]

WHAT IS TRUST? This is the integrity and expectation you place on something or someone to produce the best response, having an assurance of desirable output any time, any place. I will like to talk about trust in two ways: • courtship • marriage. The foundation of any trust in […]

INGREDIENTS THAT STRENGTHEN A MARTIAL 💞 RELATIONSHIP. To everything that will give the desired taste, there are elements needed to make it work and produce the right result. These are necessary things you should take note of even while working and praying, to experience your desired result in your future […]

TWO IMPORTANT KEYS TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS The frustration that leads most people out of their business was due to the fact that they don’t know the major laws that grow businesses generally. Some may even term it as a spiritual factor but the truth is that it is simply […]

Courage, the greatest leader and motivator. It is the pillar that strengthens a burdened heart. Challenges serve as the major hindrance to humanity success. It is a common excuse many people give for failing in a particular task. Challenges are stumbling blocks which must be encountered for another phase of […]